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Latest news of our producer Covestro Deutschland AG:

In March 2017 the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki stated that the proposed Use Restriction for Diisocyanates is in conformity with REACh. In consequence, the public consultation started and give interested stakeholders, e.g. associations and our customers the chance to express their opinion about the planned restriction over the next six months.

Covestro on Diisocyanates ECHA



Change of sampling procedure

Covestro changes free of charge sampling service for a small minority of well-established products. This to say, Covestro tries to cut overwhelming costs in favor of new products and applications. The sampling of these new products stays free of charge as usual.

Please find attached details of procedure and a list of affected products.

CAS EMLA AG Sample Invoicing Customer Letter

CAS EMLA Sample Invoicing Material List


You certainly know about the initiative of the German / European authorities to set a use restriction for all products containing > 0.1 % free monomeric diisocyanate into force within the next 2-3 years. Please be informed that Covestro Deutschland AG created a positioning paper (English and German version) which we are now going to distribute actively to our direct customers:


Covestro on Diisocyanates ROI


Mid of December, Covestro will exchange all inspection certificates by Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

Harmonisation of product documentation


Reduction of monomeric HDI content - Bayer changed the monomeric specification of the following products.


Winner of ESIG Product Stewardship Award 2009

CSC JÄKLECHEMIE is the winner of the Product Stewardship Award 2009 of the European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG)  which is designed to reward excellence and continuous progress in significant health, safety and environmental improvements in the handling, storage, use or transportation of solvents.

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Our highly specialised sales force is focussing on the regions of Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, and Czech Republic where we maintain a wide distribution network.

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