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... our paint and coating division.
We source our products as contract supplier by the producers listed below and we offer all logistic and technical services on these products.
The product search provides all technical data sheets and further questions will be answered by our technical support team.

Our suppliers


carboxymethylcelluloses, rheological additives

  • hydrophobe polyols
  • urethan bisoxazolidine
  • polyol emulsions

adhesive raw materials


corrosion protection

molecular sieves


binder, curing agents and additives

color paste for polyaspartic- and polyurea-systems

zinc oxides in different qualities

Hydroxy-functional and thermoplastic acrylic resins, Alkyd-resins, Alkyd-emulsion and water thinnable alkyds, Watery emulsions, Saturated polyesters

  • Iron oxide pigments
  • Chromium oxide pigments
  • Lightfast pigments
  • Ultramarine pigments
  • Carbon black pigments

OTHER: Organic pigments (on request)

Silicone Resins, since 1986